Athensville is an alternative rock band featuring Matthew Taglang (vocals), David Perry (guitar), Ed Moman (bass), and James Farrell (drums).  

Athensville draws its name from the history of Ardmore, the Philadelphia suburb where rehearsals first took place.  Its music is decidedly modern, combining layered guitars and vocals with driving rhythms and bass. The songwriting strives to move the listener with authenticity and honesty.  The band immerses itself in the process of making music, as well as the design and art that accompanies it. Athensville’s hope is that you’ll listen with open ears and open minds, and find something meaningful that connects with you, produces smiles and foot-taps, provokes thought and introspection. 

Athensville spent all of 2019 and 2020 recording the follow-up to their 2018 debut EP, “Proper.” Released in March 2021, their full-length LP — “Undressing Minds for Show” — offers 11 songs, each with its own distinct character, crafted and refined at BarnSound Studios in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, with producer, Derek Chafin.  

Athensville is heartfelt, evocative, occasionally provocative.



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