NEW SINGLE - Athensville's version of Björk’s classic, “Human Behaviour”

NEW LP for 2021

Undressing Minds for Show


Our new album UNDRESSING MINDS FOR SHOW is now streaming everywhere and available for purchase (CDs in stock and classic vinyl or limited edition vinyl) on our MERCH page!

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SINGLE from Undressing Minds for Show

"Something Real" single


Something Real is the first track from Athensville's LP, Undressing Minds for Show. Please go to the Athensville Linktree to find your favorite streaming platform and listen to Something Real.

EP (2018)


Proper is Athensville’s first studio work. Fusing the personal and the universal, Proper touches on themes of political alienation, miscommunication between fathers and sons, and life’s memories. Symbolism and detail are woven between Proper’s music and its artwork. The EP was produced by Glenn Barratt at Morningstar Studios, released in 2018.

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